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45-Day Payment without Minimum Withdrawal Limit

Generally, you have to submit your withdrawal request in CashChaCha's REDEEM page, which means, you have to reach the minimum withdrawal limit (HK$20).

Withdraw cash to your PayPal account in CashChaCha

If you think the minimum withdrawal limit of HK$20 is a little bit high, you can bypass this limit now by following instructions below:

1. New email accounts must be used. Email accounts that have received points before cannot be used.

2. Do NOT enter any referral code during new account registration.

3. Download apps or complete tasks from any of the offerwalls.

4. Do NOT submit withdrawal request on the REDEEM page in CashChaCha. (No need to satisfy the min pay requirement.)

5. Send the list of CashChaCha email accounts and your PayPal account to on the last day of every month.

6. We will sum up all the points in these accounts together and convert it to HKD (HK$1 = 150 CashChaCha Points).

7. If your total earnings are larger than HK$1,000(150,000 CashChaCha Points), we will transfer the cash in HKD or USD to your PayPal account after 45 days.


For example, from June 1 - June 30, you use the following new CashChaCha accounts to earn points from offerwalls:

Email AccountAvailable Points

On June 30, you send the list of emails above in an Excel file to We will verify them and sum up all the points together. In this case, the total points you have earned is 8713 + 9930 + 1308 + 992 = 20943, which equals to HK$139.6.

We will transfer HK$139.6 to your PayPal account around August 15 (after 45 days).

Download apps from Tapjoy, TrialPay, Aarki, SuperReward offerwalls

Send email to if you have any questions.